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With our team of renowned consultants, we are unique in offering the full range of treatment approaches for prostate cancer.

You have the assurance that we have high volume caseload experience and we publish our results.

We are also a national centre for the treatment of the enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH) with GreenLight laser.

Our prostate films

View our films covering prostate cancer assessment/treatment and GreenLight laser for the enlarged prostate, featuring our interviews with our patients and surgeons.

Stories from the blog

Featuring articles by our experts and patients' viewpoint

Dr Martin Watson travelled from north-east Scotland to the Birmingham Prostate Clinic for treatment. He describes the new model of healthcare that made this possible and why he chose BPC.

“I had been suffering from BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate) for several years. On Boxing Day, I reached a crisis point. I went into acute urinary retention and by the following day, I was taken in an ambulance to A&E. With medication after some weeks, I was able to void again without a […]

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GreenLight laser surgery is at least as effective as the TURP, concludes NICE in new guidance

We welcome the new NICE guidance which recognises GreenLight laser surgery is at least as effective as the older TURP operation and carries fewer risks and complications. The latest guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is based on detailed analysis of studies of patient outcomes from both types of surgery […]

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We are pleased to publish forthcoming speakers and talk titles for the Prostate Cancer Support Group

The group meets in Solihull on the last Tuesday of each month and is open to all patients and people affected by prostate cancer, regardless of where they are receiving treatment. The speaker programme features consultants and senior nurses from leading teaching hospitals, covering many different aspects of treatment, recovery, common questions and concerns.   […]

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Not too young for prostate cancer. Richard Rollings describes his experience of developing prostate cancer in his forties.

When Richard Rollings had an elevated PSA result in his forties, he was initially told he was too young to get prostate cancer. Yet further tests revealed he did have the disease and five years later, Richard speaks about the need for prompt action and early diagnosis. “I noticed something wasn’t right: I’d get the […]

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