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“What I’ve learnt from my experience is the benefit of getting to a specialist.” Martin Fell describes GreenLight laser surgery for an enlarged prostate.

“I know exactly when it started because we were at a wedding: on April 14, 2018. As is always the case during a wedding, I was eating and drinking more than usual and ended up going back and forth to the toilet frequently. By the end of the evening, I reached the stage where I […]

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Dr Sabarathnam Ananthram is a GP from Redditch who chose Rezum as his own treatment for an enlarged prostate. He explains why and how he has found the treatment.

“I’ve had benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) for and putting off having something done, carrying it around like a baby, always knowing where every toilet was located. The crux came one day when I was driving up to Manchester, which is about a two- hour journey from my home. I knew I was cutting it fine, […]

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