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Birmingham Prostate Clinic

Who we are

Birmingham Prostate Clinic are a team of leading private urologists and oncologists, who specialise in diagnosing and treating prostate, bladder and kidney conditions. Our consultants practice at a range of clinics and private hospitals in the West Midlands.

Our services

Access world-class care

Birmingham Prostate Clinic is part of GenesisCare, the UK’s leading independent provider of cancer care. Together, our consultants provide a complete pathway to expert care for cancer and benign conditions at a range of private hospitals in the West Midlands and the wider UK.

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Meet the team

Birmingham Prostate Clinic includes private urologists, oncologists, surgeons, radiographers, and advanced nurse practitioners, who work together to personalise care and redefine excellent patient experiences across their specialities.

Our team
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Consultants from Birmingham Prostate Clinic practice at a range of private clinics and hospitals, where patients can feel comfortable and confident in the care they receive. These state-of-the-art facilities are located across the Midlands, Birmingham and Oxford.