BPC consultant on national television performing a complex and challenging operation called a bulbar urethroplasty

Paul Anderson
Mr Paul Anderson, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Birmingham Prostate Clinic

BPC consultant Mr Paul Anderson is one of the most regularly featured experts on the national television series Embarrassing Bodies. Tonight (Monday, March 18), Mr Anderson is filmed undertaking a procedure called a bulbar urethroplasty.

This is a highly technical procedure only carried out by a small number of surgeons and Mr Anderson has completed more than any other doctor in the UK. He explains: “A bulbar urethroplasty is an operation to treat a narrowing of the bulbar urethra ie the part of the male water pipe that is deep within the body (not the part that runs through the penis).

“Sometimes the diseased area can be cut out and the two ends sewn together but more commonly a graft from the inside of the mouth is used to expand the narrowed area to allow people to pass urine again normally.”

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A resource featuring much of Mr Anderson’s work with Embarrassing Bodies can be seen on our surgical films page. Although the content is graphic, we believe that this media work helps to break down the taboos around serious medical conditions and help to explain what treatments are available.

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