BPC consultant Paul Anderson wins prestigious military award

Surgeon Paul Anderson

BPC consultant Paul Anderson and his team were given a prestigious award by the Surgeon General of the Army in recognition of their work with injured soldiers.

Mr Anderson is a key member of the Military Genitourinary Working Group treating soldiers with severe injuries, usually from bomb blasts.

The team was awarded the Military and Civilian Health Partnership Award 2014 in the Care of Veterans category at a ceremony on November 27.

Their work is highly specialised, treating men with horrific injuries not normally seen in civilian medicine. Soldiers have often lost both legs and have severe injuries in the genital/urethral area.

The team is based at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

It consists of three urologists – one chairperson, one dealing with fertility retrieval and Mr Anderson as the genito-urethral reconstructive surgeon. There is also a plastic surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist and mental health team, rehabilitation consultant, embryologist (for fertility issues), endocrinologist, a scientist who specialises in developing blast injury protection along with secretarial support.

“The breadth of the team shows the wide-ranging expertise we need to help these very seriously injured young men,” explains Mr Anderson.

“We are very proud to receive this award recognising the very challenging and much needed work we do.”

The team is internationally recognised for their expertise. American doctors working with equivalent injuries visited Birmingham earlier this year to share experience and knowledge. Mr Anderson, with other members of the Military Genitourinary working group, will be flying out to Texas next year to meet with them again.

Mr Anderson is also known widely for his work on Channel Four’s Embarrassing Bodies and Live from the Clinic, in which he appears more regularly than any other UK doctor.