Month: September 2016

Some men face both the debilitating symptoms of an enlarged prostate and concerns about prostate cancer. Robert, aged 69 from Solihull, explains how addressing one problem resolved the other.

“I’ve always been very fit and healthy, having never taken a single day off work. Then in 2012, I started having to need to toilet at night. Of course, it becomes worse over time and by last year, when I was on holiday with my wife in Mallorca, life was dominated by the worry of […]

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Dr Martin Watson travelled from north-east Scotland to the Birmingham Prostate Clinic for treatment. He describes the new model of healthcare that made this possible and why he chose BPC.

“I had been suffering from BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate) for several years. On Boxing Day, I reached a crisis point. I went into acute urinary retention and by the following day, I was taken in an ambulance to A&E. With medication after some weeks, I was able to void again without a […]

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