Month: February 2017

Derek Aucott had GreenLight laser surgery for BPH at the age of 86. He experienced no pain and had a 100 per cent improvement. Mr Aucott from Leicestershire explains why age must be no barrier to high quality treatment

“When I had my first hospital assessment for a suspected enlarged prostate, I was getting up to go to the toilet five or six times a night. At my local hospital, I was seen by a nurse, had a physical examination and was simply told it was very common for men of my age. I […]

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Advice for women considering vaginal slings and our position on concerns about TVT mesh implants

By Mohammed Belal, consultant urologist specialising in bladder conditions, BPC The use of vaginal slings is a long-established approach for treating stress incontinence in women. The principle is simple: the sling is fitted like a ‘hammock’ under the urethra to provide support. When there is pressure, such as during a cough, sneeze or exercise, the […]

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