Our Bladder Clinic is a service wholly focused on bladder problems, including all types of incontinence, interstitial cystitis and kidney stones treatment.

We regularly provide effective treatment for patients whose previous treatment did not work and for those living with debilitating, complex conditions.

We are one of a small number of clinics providing TVT mesh removal surgery

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New technologies for overactive bladder treatment. By Mohammed Belal, Consultant Urologist, Birmingham Prostate Clinic

The overactive bladder is a very common problem, affecting an estimated one in eight adults in the UK, particularly during later age. If we think of the bladder as effectively a bag of muscle, an overactive bladder occurs when those muscles contract suddenly without control, even when the bladder is not full. Urge incontinence is […]

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Overactive bladder and Urge Incontinence – My Story

Overactive bladder and urge incontinence do not just affect older people. Caroline Mills was only 25 when this distressing condition started. It would take many years – and a huge amount of determination – before Caroline had effective treatment with specialist bladder surgery. “I was 25 when it all started. An urge to go to […]

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BPC consultant Paul Anderson wins prestigious military award

BPC consultant Paul Anderson and his team were given a prestigious award by the Surgeon General of the Army in recognition of their work with injured soldiers. Mr Anderson is a key member of the Military Genitourinary Working Group treating soldiers with severe injuries, usually from bomb blasts. The team was awarded the Military and […]

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High profile, regular appearances in this series of Embarrassing Bodies for BPC consultant Paul Anderson

BPC’s Paul Anderson, nationally recognised for his expertise in genito-urethral reconstruction, will be regularly featured in this series of Channel4’s Embarrassing Bodies. Mr Anderson has been acknowledged in reviews as the star of the Channel Four hit series and will feature throughout series eight, now screening. The BPC specialist, who is based at West Midlands […]

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