Our Bladder Clinic is a service wholly focused on bladder problems, including all types of incontinence,interstitial cystitis andkidney stones treatment.

We regularly provide effective treatment for patients whose previous treatment did not work and for those living with debilitating, complex conditions.

We are one of a small number of clinics providing TVT mesh removal surgery

Bladder articles from the blog

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New technologies for overactive bladder treatment. By Mohammed Belal, Consultant Urologist, Birmingham Prostate Clinic

The overactive bladder is a very common problem, affecting an estimated one in eight adults in the UK, particularly during later age. If we think of the bladder as effectively a bag of muscle, an overactive bladder occurs when those muscles contract suddenly without control, even when the bladder is not full. Urge incontinence is […]

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The BPC response to the ban on synthetic (TVT) based slings and vaginal meshes in Scotland

For some time, there have been very serious concerns about whether vaginal slings and meshes constructed from synthetic material are safe. This week there was a significant and unexpected new development when the Scottish Health Minister issued a ban on all synthetic sling and vaginal mesh procedures while further investigations were carried out. Although the […]

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BPC welcomes new bladder specialist Mohammed Belal

A leading specialist in bladder pain and incontinence has joined BPC, bringing the total number consultants at the clinic to five. Mohammed Belal provides a new service for the clinic, with expertise in both stress and urge incontinence and working with both female and male patients. He teaches and trains nationally and internationally and receives […]

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