Bladder Treatments

We diagnose and use the most advanced procedures to treat bladder conditions such as kidney stones, stress and urge incontinence for men and women and have a wealth of expertise in treating bladder cancer.

We deliver an advanced range of kidney stones treatments to ensure you have the best approach for your needs and are quickly pain-free and back to normal.

We assess and offer the male sling, an important new development in the treatment of stress incontinence in men and the artificial urinary sphincter, which replaces the function of a deficient biological sphincter. For woman we offer urethral bulking agents and the Pubovaginal sling (with autograft) based on the same principle as the vaginal sling using TVT tap.

For urge incontinence we can use a combination of sophisticated Biofeedback with behavioural techniques and carry out the highly effective sacral neuromodulation procedure. We also have a range of medication and Botox injections if proved appropriate and beneficial.

To find out more, procedures are detailed below alternatively, call 0121 222 1036.