Bladder Cancer Treatment

Birmingham Prostate Clinic specialises in treatment for bladder cancer. Our consultant urologist Alan Doherty is one of the few UK specialists able to remove the bladder using keyhole surgery, known medically as a laparoscopic cystectomy.

What is a Cystectomy?

A cystectomy is the largest procedure in urology and during traditional open surgery, involves the surgeon making an incision across the whole of the lower body. Patients need to recover in intensive care following an open procedure. However, about two third of patients with bladder cancer who require a cystectomy could have the surgery as a laparoscopic procedure. This normally means no need for intensive care, approximately three days in hospital rather than one week and an enhanced recovery.

Our emphasis is upon safe and effective bladder cancer treatment, preserving the bladder where possible. Our multi-disciplinary team which includes urologists, an oncologist and advanced nurse practitioner, enables us to offer the most effective treatment, while preserving your quality of life as far as possible. A new trial has recently shown combining chemotherapy and radiotherapy appears to be an effective, curative treatment option for some patients, avoiding radical surgery.

Mr Alan Doherty, clinical director Birmingham Prostate Clinic
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