Month: June 2020

Prostate cancer in a Covid world

By Alan Doherty, consultant urologist, the Birmingham Prostate Clinic As Covid-19 changes our lives in every conceivable way, inevitably, in the field of prostate cancer, we are working through significant change. We are becoming a little more adept with the technicalities of zoom and accustomed to consulting without being able to physically see and examine […]

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Ian Sargeant, 61, recalls some advice he received twenty years ago which brought him from North Yorkshire to the Birmingham Prostate Clinic for enlarged prostate treatment.

“I would have been around my late thirties and having lunch with some guys, when I was given some advice which has always stayed with me. An older work colleague in our group had just had a procedure called a TURP and he said to us: if you are ever in my position, make sure […]

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