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Nerve-sparing prostatectomy testimonial – Andrew Burley

When Andrew Burley was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he chose nerve-sparing prostatectomy. A nerve sparing prostatectomy involves precision surgery aimed at removing all the cancer cells and at the same time, preserving the adjacent nerves. This reduces the risk of impotence and incontinence. Surgeon Alan Doherty is one of the UK’s leading specialists in nerve-sparing keyhole […]

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Revolutionary Keyhole Prostatectomy Surgery – Keith Boad

Keith Boad, aged 60, had a revolutionary keyhole prostatectomy after developing prostate cancer last year. Mr Boad, an industrial engineering manager for a major UK manufacturing company, was able to return to work just six weeks after having the surgery. The procedure enables patients to make a far quicker recovery than traditional open surgery. “I […]

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How do I choose between different treatments for prostate cancer?

For men with organ-confined early stage disease, there is a wider range of different treatments for prostate cancer than any other type of cancer. Mr Alan Doherty, consultant urologist at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic, discusses the relative merits and disadvantages of the different types of treatment, answering the questions patients most commonly ask in clinic. […]

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