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GreenLight laser webcast: Michael Priest

Consultant Urologist Alan Doherty of The Birmingham Prostate Clinic explains how GreenLight laser works as a treatment for men with an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Patient 58-year-old Michael Priest describes his experience of this minimally invasive procedure and subsequent recovery. Mr Priest had his operation in February 2011.

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PCA3 assessment webcast: Peter Hale

Peter Hale is a 70-year-old from Birmingham. He was referred to the Birmingham Prostate Clinic for assessments after finding blood in his urine. Mr Hale had a series of tests, including the new genetics-based PCA3 assessment. His prostate was found to be benign and Mr Hale is now on active monitoring.

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Suprapubic catheter webcast: David Lehane

David Lehane is a 57-year-old dentist from Staffordshire. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Mr Lehane explains why surgeon experience was an important factor in his choice of treatment and how a new innovation enabled him to leave hospital without a urethral catheter.

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