Graham from Chesterfield was the first patient to benefit from our new same-day MRI scan and results service. He explains the difference it made.

“I was at the gym one Sunday and just happened to pick up an article in the Daily Mail about the top ten prostate surgeons in the UK. I took the article home and read all the descriptions of the top ten surgeons in detail. There was something about Alan Doherty that really impressed me.

I’m 69 and would consider myself fortunate not to have much in the way of health issues. I’d had some prostate problems in recent years but hadn’t really got to the bottom of it. Like many men my age, I was increasingly having the bother of getting up at night to go to the toilet. I also had blood in my urine and had been through some tests at my local hospital for this, but without a conclusion and then I was discharged. It seemed like the right time to get a proper diagnosis.

I didn’t mind travelling down from Chesterfield to the Birmingham Prostate Clinic. I’m an engineer and I know all engineers are not all at the same standard; my view was that if you are in a position where you can choose your doctor, you want to choose the doctor who is at the top of their game.

I saw Mr Doherty on a Saturday morning at his clinic in Solihull where an MRI scan was recommended. He asked where I had travelled from and when I said I live in Chesterfield, he suggested I could be the first patient come for a same day scan and results service. I was keen on the concept and saving another round-trip.

It all went very well: I had my MRI in the morning, went for lunch with my wife in Solihull before returning to the hospital to see Mr Doherty and discuss my results. I wasn’t unduly worried, but it was great to get the results straight away, not having to wait and think about what they might be.

I was clear of cancer, but my prostate was found to be extremely enlarged. I had already suspected the cause of the blood in my urine: my prostate had become so large, it was pressing on my bladder and pushed into a vein. While I was working, I was regularly getting headaches from using a computer and took Aspirin for this, which was thinning my blood.

It was a relief getting to the bottom of what was happening. I’m now having a flow rate test and will decide whether to have treatment for my enlarged prostate and what treatment to have.

Every single contact with the Birmingham Prostate Clinic has been impressive, I could not have asked for more: everything has been spot-on, professional and positive from everybody involved.”