GreenLight laser therapy testimonial – Terry Jones

Terry Jones, aged 58, from Coventry, was one of the first patients to have GreenLight laser therapy at Birmingham Prostate Clinic.

“It started when my GP found blood in my urine. The first thing that hits you is ‘it could be cancer’. I had a series of tests which showed I had a benign enlarged prostate. That was obviously a relief but the symptoms were having a terrible affect on me and my family. I was getting up three or four times a night and really suffering with sleep deprivation.

“I was about to embark on standard open surgery which would mean a major operation, being in hospital for three days and off work for a considerable period. I wasn’t enamored with that and then by chance, I spoke to a business contact who told me about green light laser therapy.

“It was absolutely super. I was in surgery at 8am and left hospital at 8pm to have a meal at home with my wife. It was completely non-invasive and I was left with no scarring, no stitches and no worries about infection. My catheter was removed before I left hospital. I was back working full time a week later.

“To say I am impressed would be an understatement. It is wonderful being able to sleep through the night again. The prostate is a problem which can affect most men as they get older, whether it is benign or cancerous. You need answers and treatment. I know friends who are up two or three times a night, but they won’t see a doctor and do something about it. Sleep deprivation has a terrible affect, not only on you but on your whole family. I would swear by this treatment and I’d like more men to know that it is available.”