BPC launches first private multi-disciplinary team (MDT) as benchmark for the highest standards

MDT Prostate Cancer Treatment Team

The Birmingham Prostate Clinic has launched the region’s first private Multi-Disciplinary (MDT) Team programme.

The principle behind an MDT is for medical professionals of different disciplines to formally meet, discuss individual patients and their cancer treatment plan to consider the advantages and disadvantages of that plan.

The MDT for the Birmingham Prostate Clinic includes consultant urologists, oncologists, radiologist and advanced nurse practitioners.

Alan Doherty, consultant urologist and clinical director of BPC explained: “We benefit from having a large team at BPC, encompassing all the key disciplines and including different areas of expertise and specialty.

“We have always encouraged patients to see different members of the team to seek second opinions and assessment and treatment often means the involvement of several members of our clinical staff.

“Having a formal Multi-Disciplinary Team is the logical next step for us, as we have consistently been committed to auditing, reviewing and assessing the work that we do.

“By having a MDT programme, meeting twice a month, we have established a structure to ensure every single treatment plan is reviewed by MDT. We are proud to be the first private service in the region to launch an MDT and we believe this is a benchmark for setting the highest standards in our field.”

BPC advanced nurse practitioner Mary Kirkham is organising the MDT. Mary is one of the UK’s most experienced urology nurses, having been President of the British Association of Urology Nurses for seven years and led the urology service at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, the regional referral centre for prostate cancer.

Mary said: “There is a really impressive range and depth of expertise at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic and, importantly, the team work very well together. We are really excited about the MDT programme, which will begin at the start of July and as well as reviewing BPC patients, we would be happy to review patients in other services who need an MDT.”

To find out more about the Birmingham Prostate Clinic’s MDT, including applying for a patient to be reviewed, please contact us.