PCA3 assessment webcast: Peter Hale

Peter Hale is a 70-year-old from Birmingham. He was referred to the Birmingham Prostate Clinic for assessments after finding blood in his urine. Mr Hale had a series of tests, including the new genetics-based PCA3 assessment. His prostate was found to be benign and Mr Hale is now on active monitoring.

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Suprapubic catheter webcast: David Lehane

David Lehane is a 57-year-old dentist from Staffordshire. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Mr Lehane explains why surgeon experience was an important factor in his choice of treatment and how a new innovation enabled him to leave hospital without a urethral catheter.

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Mr Alan Doherty’s Laparoscopic Prostatectomy Development

The learning curve in a production setting is a concept which was first introduced in the aeronautical industry during the 1920s. It was developed to analyse the time taken to move from the initial phase of production, where work is slower and less efficient, to a more effective phase, once production is well established. Clearly, […]

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