Post vasectomy testicular pain testimonial – Mr L

Mr L* is a 55-year-old from Birmingham who experienced post vasectomy testicular pain, also known as post vasectomy pain syndrome. The pain was severe so severe that Mr L was treated with a vasectomy reversal and a procedure called denervation of the testicular cord. Mr L describes his experience of the condition and treatment.

“I had a vasectomy 25 years ago and for a long time, life chugged along without any problems. Then two years ago, I started to get testicular pain. It was a sharp pain, nagging and very debilitating. I’ve had sciatica and I would describe the pain as being very similar to that. Having constant pain in such a sensitive area, I found our sex life stopped – it was not something I could even contemplate.

“I took some anti-inflammatory tablets and they helped a little, but the pain came back. I then saw Mr Doherty at Birmingham Prostate Clinic and an ultrasound scan confirmed I had chronic epididymitis, a medical condition in which there is inflammation of the tubes within the testicules which store and carry sperm. I learnt that some time after my epididymi were cut during the vasectomy, they became infected and anything which was being produced was blocked in and built up.

“I was prescribed a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. But once the course was finished, it wasn’t long before the pain came back and seemed worse than ever. Mr Doherty explained that due to the severity of the pain, I should consider having a vasectomy reversal. He also recommended a pioneering approach which involved severing the nerves in that area to stop them from relaying pain signals. He recommended doing one side first of all and seeing how effective it was before considering the other side.

“Mr Doherty recommended that I took at least a week off work. At the time, I didn’t understand why – I remembered going back to work the next day after my vasectomy. But with hindsight, it was certainly the right advice.

“For the first three days after my operation, the pain was pretty bad. I didn’t sleep very well and my testicles were very swollen. After that, it started to settle down. There was still some tenderness in the area around the incision, but less pain. I found it was helpful if I slept on my side with a pillow between my legs to provide support. By six weeks after the operation, the soreness, bruising and constant pain had gone.

“The left side was still very painful and feeling confident that the operation was worthwhile, six months after the first operation, I had the same procedure for the left side. Second time round there was less pain and everything seemed to settle down more quickly.

“I would describe this surgery as a miracle. You do have to be prepared for pain and soreness after the operation and a period of recovery, but after having such a debilitating problem in a very sensitive area, it is wonderful to finally be completely free from pain.”

* Mr L asked to remain anonymous