Revolutionary keyhole prostate surgery testimonial – Neville Jinks

Neville Jinks from Worcestershire, had revolutionary prostate keyhole surgery at the Priory Hospital in Birmingham when he developed prostate cancer last year.

“The first sign that something may be wrong was that I was getting up a lot at night to go to the toilet. My wife kept telling me I ought to go and see a doctor.

“My older brother had prostate cancer and once I started talking about it, I was amazed how many men also had this form of cancer. It’s extremely common, but many men don’t talk about it because they are so frightened by it.

“I had heard about the surgeon Alan Doherty at the Priory Hospital through friends and went to see him. Mr Doherty put me at ease straight away and I made up my mind that keyhole surgery was the best option for me on that day.

“I had my operation on October 14 last year – just five weeks after being diagnosed. The beauty of keyhole surgery is that you heal so quickly. Within four weeks, there was no scarring at all – just a small mark where the prostate had been removed.

“I had been concerned about incontinence, which is frequently a problem after open surgery. But I was dry from day one after my operation.

“My doctor told me to take it easy but I felt well enough to have a walk around the golf course with one club. I felt absolutely fine and six weeks after the operation, I was playing golf again.

“Tests have now shown that the cancer was confined to the prostate. I would thoroughly recommend this operation. When men hear the word ‘cancer’, they are terrified, but this is a type of cancer which is treatable if it is caught early enough. The longer you leave it, the worse your chances become.

“Thousands of men die from this disease which can be treated if action is taken early enough. I’ve told my own son – don’t hesitate to go to the doctor if you think something is wrong.”