Richard King: Greenlight laser treatment for an enlarged prostate has changed my life

“Richard King: Greenlight laser treatment for an enlarged prostate has changed my life.”

“I think the symptoms of having an enlarged prostate must be quite like losing your eyesight: it is something that gradually creeps up on you, affecting your life in so many ways. I had to give up work, even though I ran my own business and I didn’t want to retire. But my business was motorway accident recovery and it’s an impossible job if you need to find a toilet every five to ten minutes.

The embarrassment in a public toilet was terrible: I’d stand there for ten minutes with no more than a dribble. You knew people were looking at you and wondering why you’d been standing there for so long. It affected me deeply – I’d have anxiety attacks thinking about the embarrassment and worry.

When I went to my local NHS hospital and explained that I couldn’t pass urine, I wasn’t offered any assessments or treatment. I was just told that I’d end up wearing a catheter for the rest of my life. My three daughters are all nurses and no-one in the family accepted this.

I did my own research online, reading about GreenLight laser surgery for the enlarged prostate and that was how I came to Mr Doherty at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic. He quickly diagnosed the problem and how to deal with it and I had absolute confidence in him. I had my GreenLight laser surgery at the BMI Priory in Birmingham a year ago. I can’t fault Mr Doherty, or the excellent care I received in the hospital.

I spent a night in the hospital and the following day tried passing urine without a catheter. Immediately, I had a good flow and over the weeks that followed, it got stronger still. I don’t remember having pain or discomfort of any significance.

I’ve just been on a motorbike tour of the Scottish Highlands, which is something I couldn’t possibly have done before. When I travel now, I can keep going for three or four hours before I need to stop for the toilet which is world’s apart from the way it was before. Having GreenLight laser surgery has changed my life.

What is also world’s apart is the approach of Mr Doherty and also Mary Kirkham, a Birmingham Prostate Clinic nurse who has supported me throughout. They really listen to what you are saying and care deeply about sorting it out for you. I can’t recommend every part of the treatment and support I received highly enough.”