Suprapubic catheter testimonial – New Prostate Treatment

David Kingsley-Evans is one of the first patients in the UK to benefit from a new technique in prostate surgery. Mr Kingsley-Evans had his prostatectomy on May 9, 2009 and his catheter was removed two days after surgery. He went home on day three after surgery, catheter free. Patients normally wear a catheter for seven days after surgery and return home with the catheter in place.

“I had a PSA test in December with a reading of 4.8. A month later, I had a Well Man test and my PSA reading had risen to 5.7. I remember watching GMTV during prostate cancer awareness week and they said men who are getting up to go to the toilet three times and have dull back pain should see a doctor straight away. My wife turned to me and said ‘That’s you’.

“When you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you look at each other and tear up a bit. Then you think, come on, we need to get on with it. We spent two days looking up all the information we could find on the internet. You realise that you are not on your own and it’s very reassuring to learn more about prostate cancer and the treatments available.

“Having read a lot about prostate cancer surgery, the one thing I was dreading more than anything else was having to go home wearing a catheter and having to put up with it for at least a week.

“Mr Doherty explained that using a technique he had learnt in America, he would remove the catheter two days after surgery and I would be able to go home without a catheter. I was over the moon – it made a really big difference.

“I had my operation on a Saturday, had the catheter out on the Monday and went home on the Tuesday. For the first ten days, I had a little stress incontinence during the day if I coughed or laughed and leaked a little at night. By ten days, I was completely dry and have been ever since.

“Walking is a hobby and by the third week, I was walking again, although walking flat in the park felt like going up a mountain. By the fourth week, I was walking faster and by the fifth week, I could do nine miles a day, which I now do regularly. Six weeks after surgery, I went out to my holiday home in Cyprus.

“I would advise anyone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, or has concerns about prostate cancer, to get on the internet and gather as much information as possible. To be honest, I was never terribly worried. I knew Mr Doherty was a very experienced specialist and had complete trust in him. I found the Birmingham Prostate Clinic website really helpful and the information from the internet and the booklet the hospital gave me was very useful. If you know what to expect, it takes a lot of the fear away.”