Wide ranging debates at BPC’s third GP study evening

The Birmingham Prostate Clinic’s third study evening for GPs, which took place on July 10, has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

A new format was used for this event, with BPC clinicians and GPs sitting together and having more informal discussions, then enjoying dinner together.

“We wanted to facilitate more discussion between urologists and GPs, rather than use the traditional lecture format,” explains Alan Doherty, the consultant urologist who founded BPC in 2006.

“It was an enormously enjoyable and valuable evening, with full discussion of the interface between primary and secondary care and debate on the management of individual patient case studies.”

The event took place at Hogarth’s Hotel in Solihull and was attended by GPs from practices throughout the borough and Worcestershire. All GPs completed evaluation and 100 per cent rated the event as “excellent”.

In their evaluation, GPs praised the more informal approach as a very effective way of facilitating discussion and ensuring that the subject matter was most relevant for them.

Dr Richard Newland, commercial director of BPC who is also a GP, said: “We highly value our partnerships with GPs and are always keen to find ways of meeting GPs, hearing their feedback and supporting communication between primary and secondary care.

“We will certainly organise more events of this kind in the future and would welcome any contact from GPs who would like to take part in further urology meetings and events.”