Xgeva for men with metastatic prostate cancer

Is Xgeva available in the UK?

Yes – it is licensed for use in the UK. Xgeva is licensed to prevent skeletal-related consequences (rather than as an anti-cancer agent or pain relief).

What evidence is there and how does it work?

Xgeva (Denosumab) is an antibody that targets a protein involved in cancer-related bone destruction called human RANKL. By targeting this protein, it reduces the serious bone damage caused by metastatic disease.

It’s safety and effectiveness were confirmed in three randomized, double-blind clinical studies in 5,723 patients comparing Xgeva with Zometa. One study involved patients with breast cancer, another in patients with prostate cancer, and a third included patients with a variety of other cancers.

The studies were designed to measure the time until occurrence of a fracture or spinal cord compression due to cancer or until radiation or surgery for control of bone pain was needed.

In patients with breast or prostate cancers, Xgeva was superior to Zometa in delaying all three of these consequences, called SREs. In men with prostate cancer, the median time to an SRE was 21 months with Xgeva compared to 17 months with Zometa.