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Rugby coach Kevin Beales was just 45 when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He talks about family history of the disease and the benefits of early treatment

“There is a strong history of prostate cancer in our family. My grandfather had it and my father has been treated for prostate cancer by Mr Doherty at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic. Considering our family history, my father encouraged myself and my brother to have a PSA test. My brother went along to his GP […]

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Derek Aucott had GreenLight laser surgery for BPH at the age of 86. He experienced no pain and had a 100 per cent improvement. Mr Aucott from Leicestershire explains why age must be no barrier to high quality treatment

“When I had my first hospital assessment for a suspected enlarged prostate, I was getting up to go to the toilet five or six times a night. At my local hospital, I was seen by a nurse, had a physical examination and was simply told it was very common for men of my age. I […]

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