Greenlight™ For Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

Minimally Invasive Permanent Relief From Incontinence And Urine Flow Problems

About the Greenlight™ procedure

A common symptom of an enlarged prostate is incontinence and difficulty urinating as the urethra becomes squashed and obstructed. The Green light laser vapourises excess prostate tissue surrounding the urethra and offers significant benefits over traditional surgery and medication such as:

The benefits

  1. Rapid improvement and a quick return to normal activities.
  2. No cutting, stitches or removal of prostate tissue.
  3. Preservation of sexual sensation with no adverse erectile dysfunction.
  4. Typically taking just 30 minutes you can go home in less than 24 hours.
  5. Permanent and highly effective relief from urination problems.

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Birmingham Prostate Clinic has outstanding consultants across prostate, bladder and urethral specialisms. Founded in 2005 by Mr Alan Doherty (Voted one of the top 10 urologists in the UK by the Daily Mail*) it’s the largest service of its kind in the region and provides an unrivaled source of expertise, advanced technology and experience.

*The Daily Mail: Who’s the best prostate surgeon? 2nd November 2010

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Mary Kirkham, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

We accept patients paying for their own care and private health insurance patients* Call 0121 222 1036 to find out more.

Mary would be happy to have an informal chat about your suitability for having the procedure at Birmingham Prostate Clinic.

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Mary works Monday to Friday and the occasional Saturday and will call during the day or in the early evening. You can read more about Mary here.

A real breakthrough for those with an enlarged prostate

Minimally Invasive

Our Greenlight laser quickly vaporises excess prostate tissue so it no longer blocks the urethra. It is a very safe procedure that requires no cutting or removal of prostate tissue.

Usually go home the same day

The surgery is minimally invasive, typically taking 30 minutes to complete and avoids the need for any extended hospital stay.

Rapid benefit

Regular, predictable and normal urination. You can start to have symptomatic relief within as little as two weeks after you’ve had the procedure.

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