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From the first symptoms to hard-to-treat kidney conditions, an expert consultant can help you access the latest tests and treatments, without the wait. Learn about what could be causing your kidney symptoms, and the next steps to see a specialist.

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Birmingham Prostate Clinic is part of GenesisCare, the UK’s leading independent provider of cancer care. Together, our consultants provide a complete pathway to expert care for cancer and benign conditions at a range of private hospitals in the West Midlands and the wider UK.

Kidney problems

The kidneys help to clean your blood by filtering out waste and making urine. When there’s a problem with how your kidneys are working, you can get symptoms affecting your stomach and urination, including kidney pain.

Signs of a kidney problem include:

  • Blood in your urine 
  • Kidney pain (under your ribs, in your back, or along the side of your waist)
  • High temperature
  • Feeling less hungry or losing weight
  • Feeling sick or vomiting
  • A lump or swelling in the stomach, back, under the ribs or neck
  • Sweating

If you have these symptoms, see a specialist as soon as possible. Kidney symptoms can be caused by a range of conditions, including a kidney infection, kidney stones or kidney cancer. 

These may sound concerning, but there are a range of treatments to help. The sooner you see a specialist, the sooner you get the answers and care you need. 

Birmingham Prostate Clinic are a team of leading urologists and oncologists, who specialise in diagnosing and treating prostate, bladder and kidney conditions.

Worried about kidney symptoms?

We’re here with specialist advice, tests and information about the latest treatments available, without the wait.

Kidney conditions

Our expert consultants routinely see patients for many common kidney problems. They use a range of tests and scans to diagnose kidney conditions, including:

  • Urine tests to rule out infections
  • Blood tests and metabolic tests
  • Imaging scans (CT and MRI)
  • Advanced tests for profiling kidney cancer

The tests you need depend on your symptoms and medical history.

Learn more about common causes of kidney symptoms below.

Kidney stones

Over 1 in 10 people get kidney stones1, which come from a build-up of chemicals in your kidneys. They’re usually small, like a grain of sand, and pass easily in your urine. Some people get much larger kidney stones, which can be very painful. Anyone can get them, but they usually affect people aged 30 – 60.

Our consultants are experienced in treating kidney stones, including the right tests to quickly rule out infections and diagnose kidney stones. You may need medicines to help ease kidney pain and nausea, helping you get back to normal.

For severe symptoms or large kidney stones, there are specialist procedures that can help.

These include:

  • X-ray or ultrasound treatment (Shockwave Lithotripsy)
  • Laser treatment (Ureterorenoscopy)
  • Keyhole surgery (Percutaneous nephrolithotomy)
  • Metabolic tests for recurrent kidney stones

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is the 7th most common cancer in the UK2. Anyone can get it, though most people with kidney cancer are over 60 years old. It’s considered a silent cancer, because it often has no symptoms.

If you have symptoms like kidney pain and blood in the urine, it’s important to get checked as soon as possible. An earlier diagnosis can mean more treatment options and better outcomes.

Our consultants are experienced in using the latest tests and treatments for kidney cancer, including:

  • Advanced tests to profile your cancer for the best treatment options
  • Ablative therapy and radiotherapy
  • Targeted therapies and immunotherapy

Diagnosing kidney conditions

Kidney symptoms can be painful and worrying. The best possible care means being seen quickly, and having the right tests without delay. Our specialist consultants are here to discuss your symptoms and the next steps, including tests and scans for kidney conditions.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and book an appointment, or learn more about common tests and scans for kidney problems below.

Kidney treatments

Our consultants approach kidney conditions with a range of the latest treatments for kidney conditions, including kidney cancer and kidney stones, with care personalised around your needs.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and treatment options, or learn about common treatments for kidney cancer below.

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