Dr Jonathan Freedman

(Consultant Interventional Radiologist)

Dr Jonathan Freedman is a consultant interventional radiologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the regional referral centre for urology for the West Midlands. A major focus of his work is the use of multi-parametric MRI scans (mp-MRI) in the diagnostic pathway for prostate cancer. Dr Freedman reports on many hundreds of mp-MRI scans every year and trains radiologists in this gold standard process for the identification, risk stratification and staging of prostate cancer. He is a key member of the Birmingham Prostate Clinic’s multi-disciplinary team, undertaking mp-MRI reports, working very closely with surgeons and urologists to precisely understand each patient’s personalised prostate cancer risk to guide their diagnostic pathway.

Dr Freedman qualified in Cape Town, South Africa in 2000 and worked in trauma surgery before moving to the UK in 2003. He undertook specialist training in clinical radiology for five years and in 2010 was appointed Consultant Interventional Radiologist at Heart of England Foundation Trust (HEFT). In this role, Dr Freedman drove the introduction of mp-MRI reporting as a key process in the prostate cancer diagnostic pathway. Dr Freedman moved to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham at the start of 2016, the tertiary referral centre for urology, which receives patients of higher complexity and provides specialist treatments not widely available elsewhere.

Dr Freedman’s additional uroradiology interests include penile ultrasound and MRI and interventional uroradiology (nephrostomy, ureteric stent, varicocoele embolisation, percutaneous nephrolithotomy access).

  • Multi-parametric MRI scans
  • Interventional uroradiology
  • Penile ultrasound
  • Varicocoele embolisation
Dr Jonathan Freedman, Consultant Interventional Radiologist