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Michele Miletic

Advanced Nurse Practitioner


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  • Prostate Cancer
  • Nurse-led Clinics
  • Patient Support

Michele qualified in 1987 and gained extensive experience as a staff nurse on a urology ward before being promoted to ward manager after just 18 months. In 1997 Michele completed a master’s degree in Advanced Nurse Practice at Birmingham University and after completing her studies began working as a Urology Advanced Nurse Practitioner, a role which included benign and cancer urological services.

Before joining the team at Birmingham Prostate Clinic Michele led a team of 13 specialists nurses at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. A large part of her role included supporting her team and teaching other healthcare professionals, as well as developing guidelines, protocols, patient materials and delivering nurse led practice in benign urology.

Michele specialises in; benign care, erectile dysfunction, assessment of lower urinary tract symptoms in men and women, pelvic floor training for men and women, teaching self-catheterisation/dilatation, counselling, support and aftercare to patients undergoing urology surgeries such as mitrofanoff, artificial urinary sphincter, clam enterocystoplasty, as well as support to patients with recurrent urinary tract infections and painful bladder symptoms.

Awards received: In 1995 Michele was awarded the Chief Executive Award for innovation at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.

“Birmingham Prostate Clinic focus on an environment where patient care is paramount, I am given time to deliver a high standard of care, ensuring all patient needs are met. Working alongside my colleagues Nula and Mary, we have a team of highly qualified specialist nurses. Bringing a diverse skill set allows us to deliver high quality support to both the patient and their families. Investigations for patients can often be done on the same day through working closely with the consultant clinics, meaning patients and their families have up to date reassurance for their health-related issues.”

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  • Prostate Cancer
  • Nurse-led Clinics
  • Patient Support