Nula Allen

(Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

Nula Allen is a highly experienced specialist nurse who has worked for the Birmingham Prostate Clinic since it was first established, ten years ago. Nula is recognised as one of the leading nurses in her field, taking part in peer reviews and assessments of cancer services, developing flourishing patient support groups, running her own clinics and managing teams of nurse specialists. At BPC, Nula works in collaboration with advanced nurse practitioner Mary Kirkham and together they offer rapid access to tests such as cystoscopy and high quality, personalised support for our patients throughout diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Nula qualified as a nurse in 1994 and after experience in surgical and intensive care, she moved into urology as a clinical nurse specialist at Good Hope Hospital in 1998. Nula was instrumental in setting up a patient support group based at Good Hope, which has become hugely successful. She is deeply committed to the principle of patient education and involvement and at Birmingham Prostate Clinic, helped to establish an affiliated patient support group which is now highly regarded and popular.

In 2002, Nula was promoted to a duel role as Lead Cancer Nurse and Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist at Good Hope Hospital. Recognising her passion for patient care and drive, in 2005, Nula was given the Chairman’s Annual Award for Clinical Excellence. She has taught male catheterisation to hundreds of nurses and medical students. Nula was part of the steering group at the British Association of Urological Nurses that developed national guidelines for the management of nurse led clinics for men with lower urinary tract symptoms.

“I am really proud of the service we have at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic – we are fortunate to have a large team and unusually, to have two senior nurse specialists. This means patients and their families have access to high quality support and with nurse-led clinics running together with consultant clinics, patients can immediately access tests and counselling. Fundamentally, my drive, passion and ultimate goal will always be about providing the best quality of patient care possible. I firmly believe that this has to be focused on communication, information and support to all patients.”

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Nurse-led Clinics
  • Patient Support
Nula Allen, advanced nurse practitioner Birmingham Prostate Clinic