We are a nationally recognised specialist centre for male health problems, including erectile dysfunction or impotence, male infertility and Peyronie’s disease. We specialise in helping men with challenging, distressing problems such as BXO/Lichen sclerosis and adult hypospadias.

Our surgeon Paul Anderson carries out more urethroplasties than anyone else in the UK and is the most regularly featured consultant in Channel Four’s Embarrassing Bodies and Live from the Clinic.

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BPC consultant urologist Mr Paul Anderson has appeared in six series of Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies - view his ground-breaking films here.

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BPC’s Paul Anderson is travelling to Zambia to train local surgeons in urethral stricture treatment

Birmingham Prostate Clinic surgeon is preparing for a trip to Zambia to train local surgeons in the treatment of urethral strictures. Mr Anderson will be travelling to Lusaka in Zambia in April, on behalf of Urolink, an organisation established by the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) to provide support and training to the developing […]

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BPC surgeon Paul Anderson invited to America to present UK experience of treating injured servicemen

BPC consultant urologist is travelling to the United States to present the UK experience of treating injured servicemen. Paul Anderson is a nationally renowned expert in penile and urethral surgery, with a key role at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM) in Birmingham. Soldiers with a range of devastating combat injuries are flown into […]

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High profile, regular appearances in this series of Embarrassing Bodies for BPC consultant Paul Anderson

BPC’s Paul Anderson, nationally recognised for his expertise in genito-urethral reconstruction, will be regularly featured in this series of Channel4’s Embarrassing Bodies. Mr Anderson has been acknowledged in reviews as the star of the Channel Four hit series and will feature throughout series eight, now screening. The BPC specialist, who is based at West Midlands […]

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BPC consultant on national television performing a complex and challenging operation called a bulbar urethroplasty

BPC consultant Mr Paul Anderson is one of the most regularly featured experts on the national television series Embarrassing Bodies. Tonight (Monday, March 18), Mr Anderson is filmed undertaking a procedure called a bulbar urethroplasty. This is a highly technical procedure only carried out by a small number of surgeons and Mr Anderson has completed […]

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