Penile/Urethral Surgical Films

In this section, you can see some surgical films focusing on penile and urethral surgery. Our surgeon specialising in this field, consultant urologist Paul Anderson, has worked very extensively with the television series, Embarrassing Bodies. This work is highly valued for the way it has raised awareness and opened conversations about an area of healthcare that traditionally received less attention, due to taboos and embarrassment. Consequently, affected individuals often struggled for years with difficult conditions before seeking treatment, or difficulties in finding the specialist help required.

Please be aware these films, necessarily, contain graphic footage of penile and urethral surgery.

The first film shows penile straightening surgery for Peyronie’s disease. This was part of an episode filmed for Embarrassing Bodies. It shows the Yachia technique. Just like the Nesbit procedure, this approach results in a degree of penis shortening, but unlike the Nesbit operation the Yachia is potentially reversible. With an experienced surgeon, both can achieve very good functional outcomes.



The second film shows urethral stricture surgery: a bulbar urethroplasty using a mouth graft. A urethroplasty is surgery to repair an injury/narrowing of the walls of the urethra (called a urethral stricture). A mouth graft technique involves taking tissue from the mouth (up to 6-7cm if required from each side of the mouth) and using this to repair the urethral stricture. Tissue from the inside of the mouth is used as it can cope with being constantly wet unlike e.g. normal skin. This is another technique featured on Embarrassing Bodies.



The third film shows urethral reconstruction surgery, performed this time as a two-stage process, also using tissue from the patient’s mouth. This film shows a patient with Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO), a very painful and debilitating condition. Also known as lichen sclerosus this is a skin condition, affecting the foreskin, penis and urethra. More conservative treatment involves using steroids to aim to reduce the impact of the disease, but some patients are severely effected and require either resurfacing surgery or full urethral reconstruction. This is an example of two stage urethroplasty, involving the penile urethra. This work was also featured on Embarrassing Bodies.