Step-by-step guide to DNA testing for cancer risk at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic

This is an assessment for:
  • Referrals by GPs and consultants are very welcome. You can also self refer to our DNA testing service
  • DNA testing might be considered if you have a strong family history of cancer (first degree relatives: mother, father, sisters, brothers) and are concerned you may face an increased risk
  • The test is not limited to urological cancers, such as prostate cancer. It encompasses risk of breast, colorectal, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, stomach and uterine cancers
  • DNA testing might also be considered if you have cancer and there is suspicion of a genetic component. Because cancers associated with genetic mutations are known to be more aggressive, it is recommended that DNA testing takes place under the following criteria: high grade serous epithelial ovarian cancer, bilateral or triple negative breast cancer and metastatic prostate cancer
  • We can advise you whether it is appropriate for you to proceed with DNA counselling and testing
  • By law, if you have private health insurance, your insurance company is not currently allowed to ask you whether you have had a DNA test, nor request the results of DNA tests
  • Before you do a DNA test, you must have a genetic counselling appointment with our consultant oncologist Dr Ahmed El-Modir. You cannot have DNA testing without counselling. Counselling will cover: preparing for the results, including considering what it could mean for other family members if an inherited faulty gene is identified
  • At the end of the counselling session, you will be given the test which you carry out at home. It is a very simple process: you provide a sample of saliva and this is sent to the laboratory for assessment
  • Within four weeks, your results will be available and will be sent to Dr El-Modir to discuss with you in clinic. You will receive a full written report also, but the results are given to you in clinic by the oncologist so there is an immediate opportunity to discuss implications and next steps
  • The cost of DNA testing (inclusive of all the steps described here) is £500

About the test we use

The test we are offering is called the Color Test in conjunction with BRCATESTUK. Two studies have been carried out to test the accuracy of the test used, assessing more than 700 samples. Zero false positives or false negatives were found and overall accuracy was above 99.5 per cent.

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