How we assess and diagnose prostate cancer at the Birmingham Prostate Clinic

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At Birmingham Prostate Clinic, we approach assessments for prostate cancer differently. We offer prostate cancer assessments not widely available elsewhere, such as the PCA3 test, prostate MRI before biopsy and template biopsy and most recently, the Prolaris score. In some circumstances, our patients have had the ultra-sensitive PSMA prostate PET scans.

These are very significant, beneficial advances in medical technology which enable us to provide patients with a much more personalised risk assessment. This means we are better able to avoid unnecessary biopsies and identify prostate cancer. We welcome patients who are seeking a second opinion on prostate cancer. Our infographic explains all the different stages of prostate cancer assessments and what they all entail.

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PSMA based PET scans for prostate cancer

PSMA based PET scans for prostate cancer are typically carried out after first line treatment for men with high risk prostate cancer if there is suspicion of residual disease.