Consultant advice and guidance by booked telephone call

We are offering patients a new service: the opportunity to book a telephone call for prostate cancer advice and guidance. This Birmingham Prostate Clinic service is with consultant urologist Mr Alan Doherty, founding urologist of BPC.

Many of our patients travel long distances to have their treatment at BPC, including from Ireland, Scotland and many different locations in Wales and England. A telephone based advice and guidance session enables people who live some distance from our clinics in the West Midlands to speak to Mr Doherty without having to initially travel.

The concept of advice and guidance is widely established in the NHS, as a means of hospital consultants guiding GPs. We are now extending the same principle to our patients.

How does it work?

This is a step-by-step guide to consultant telephone second opinions:

  • Please call 0121 704 7610 or send an email to to request a telephone based advice and guidance session with Mr Doherty
  • You need to complete an advice and guidance consent form and make payment before your advice and guidance session
  • You will be given a fixed and specific date and time for your telephone advice and guidance with Mr Doherty which is convenient to you
  • The cost is £100 and is made on a one-off self-pay basis (this is a new approach which is unlikely to be funded by medical insurance)
  • You are responsible for sending, by email or post, all relevant information to BPC before your advice and guidance session; it is very helpful to have as much information available as possible in advance
  • A summary of this discussion will be sent to you and if you wish, copied to your GP

What can we do in a telephone advice and guidance session? BPC consultant urologist Alan Doherty explains their scope and purpose

“Many patients come to us for a prostate cancer second opinion; they may have been given a choice of treatment and are trying to decide which treatment is best for them (which is often quite challenging), or they may want to discuss an approach that we offer which isn’t available in their local service and find out more about it.

“These patients will have already had all the regular assessments and what they are looking for is to have a discussion and hear a second opinion. In this scenario, if someone lives a significant distance from our clinics, it is not essential for them to travel to Birmingham for an initial discussion and second opinion. We can have a really productive discussion by telephone; we want to make this an accessible and convenient option and patients can decide how they wish to proceed after that.”