Prostate cancer surgery success rates

For the first time in the field of prostate cancer treatment, patients can individually track and compare their prostate cancer surgery success rate with other patients.

Erectile function

of patients are recording erectile function at 12 months View erectile function results


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Edmund Hulme – prostate cancer patient

Edmund Hulme – prostate cancer patient
“I am fascinated by the way we are applying technology in an innovative way in healthcare. When I was researching prostate cancer surgeons and treatments, I was really impressed with Birmingham Prostate Clinic’s use of business analytics to measure patient outcomes."

“Having decided upon surgery, an important factor for me was the honesty and skills of a surgeon – you only get once chance at this and it was so important to get the right surgeon. I used the Web, Online Forums and Digital Chat to draw up my list of urologists around the UK. I read the biographies of all the surgeons online – if the surgeon didn’t have a credible online biography, he never made it onto my list.

“When I met Alan Doherty, his ability to give guidance based upon his prostate cancer surgery outcomes - analytics - of operations he had performed was a deciding factor in my going with Open rather than Laparoscopic or Robotic surgery. This use of analytics should form part of the future of healthcare choice. Wouldn’t it be great if men diagnosed with prostate cancer could have at their fingertips all this information backed up by real world experiences from patients? My wife described me as terrified the day I went into hospital, it was because I was going into the unknown. Hopefully my blog, if read by others starting out on the same journey , will help them to be less afraid and make their journey easier."

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