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Prostatitis is an inflamed prostate, which can cause uncomfortable symptoms that get in the way of life. It’s important to get the right tests at the right time to rule out other conditions and get treatment for prostatitis.

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What is prostatitis? 

Prostatitis is a painful condition, where the prostate is inflamed. It’s usually caused by an infection, usually if bacteria from the bladder gets into the prostate. 

There are two types of prostatitis:

  • Acute prostatitis, where it comes on suddenly 
  • Chronic prostatitis, where it lasts for many months

Birmingham Prostate Clinic are a team of leading urologists and oncologists, who specialise in diagnosing and treating prostate, bladder and kidney conditions.

Our expert consultants know the importance of quickly diagnosing prostatitis, and getting treatment to help manage troublesome symptoms that affect your daily life.

The prostate is a gland found between the penis and the bladder, and plays an important role in male fertility by producing a fluid that transports and supports semen.

People with a prostate include:

  • Men
  • Trans women*
  • Non binary people
  • Some intersex people

* Trans women can still get prostatitis, even if they take hormones. The prostate is not routinely removed in gender confirmation surgery.

You’re more likely to get acute prostatitis if:

  • You use a urinary catheter
  • You’ve had a prostate biopsy
  • You’ve had a urinary tract infection or sexually transmitted infection, including HIV and AIDS
  • You have anal sex
  • You’ve had a pelvic injury

Your chance of getting chronic prostatitis is higher if:

  • You’re age 50 or older
  • You’ve had prostatitis before
  • You have other pain problems affecting your stomach (such as irritable bowel syndrome)

Prostatitis symptoms

Acute prostatitis symptoms

This is when your prostate becomes inflamed suddenly, often with severe symptoms.

You might have:

  • Pain in your bottom, penis or testicles, or in your lower tummy or back
  • A high temperature (fever)
  • Aches and pains
  • Pain when urinating
  • Needing to urinate often or suddenly
  • Blood in your urine
  • Not being able to pass urine at all

Chronic prostatitis symptoms

If you’ve had symptoms for more than three months, you may have chronic prostatitis.

You might have:

  • Pain or discomfort in your penis, testicles, bottom, tummy or lower back
  • Discomfort or pain when you pee, or needing to pee frequently
  • Sexual health problems, including erectile dysfunction or pain during or after sex

When you see one of our prostate specialists, they explore all the possible causes by asking about your symptoms and your health.

Our consultants are experienced in using the latest tests and scans to carefully check for prostatitis. We know the importance of getting tests quickly, for peace of mind and fast diagnosis.

Worried about prostatitis symptoms?

Our leading prostate consultants are here with specialist advice and access to the right tests and treatments for you.

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Prostatitis diagnosis

If your consultant thinks you might have prostatitis, the first step is usually urine and blood tests to check for infections. You may also have scans to check for visible signs of infection, such as an abscess.

Simply book an appointment with one of our expert consultants to discuss your symptoms and the right tests for you, or learn about common tests and scans for prostatitis below. 

Prostatitis treatments

Acute prostatitis can usually be treated quickly with antibiotics, which are medicines to help fight infection. Painkillers can help ease symptoms in the meantime.

Chronic prostatitis can be more difficult to treat. Seeing a prostate specialist can help make sure you have the opportunity to access the complete range of tests and treatments for managing chronic prostatitis.

Our experienced consultants are here to offer specialist advice and seamless pathways to access the latest tests and treatments for a range of common prostate conditions, including prostatitis.

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