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Severe incontinence has a devastating impact upon quality of life. One treatment, the artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) is producing excellent results.

BPC patient David Abel, aged 62, describes how having an AUS fitted has changed his life. “I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. We knew the cancer had spread into some lymph nodes and I was warned that if prostate cancer is understood as “tigers” and “pussycats,” I had got the tiger. My PSA […]

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Male sling testimonial – Andrew Richards*

Andrew Richards* describes his experience of prostate cancer, the incontinence he developed after treatment and subsequently having a male sling fitted Diagnosis For a number of years I had been having an annual PSA test always at my instigation rather than my GP’s. A lot of doctors actively discourage the use of this test because […]

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Male sling testimonial – Peter Lewis

Peter Lewis, aged 65 from Warwickshire, describes his experience of having the male sling fitted to treat stress incontinence. “My incontinence was due to having my prostate removed following a diagnosis of prostate cancer. When I considered the operation, I knew that incontinence was a possible complication, but I also found out that a large […]

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