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Rezūm for enlarged prostate (BPH)

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Rezūm is a new, minimally invasive procedure that shrinks the prostate using steam.

  • Also called transurethral water ablation, steam ablation or water ablation
  • For people with urinary symptoms that haven’t gone away with lifestyle changes or medication
  • A daytime procedure with no overnight hospital stay
  • Improves symptoms within as little as three weeks, with full recovery after a few months

Birmingham Prostate Clinic are a team of leading urologists and oncologists, who specialise in diagnosing and treating prostate, bladder and kidney conditions.

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What is Rezūm water vapour therapy?

Rezūm water vapour therapy is a relatively new technique that uses steam to remove excess prostate tissue. It’s a treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate.

During the procedure, the steam from just a few drops of water is injected into the prostate. As the prostate heals, some of the tissue is reabsorbed by the body. This shrinks the prostate and stops it from pressing on the urethra (the urine tube), relieving your symptoms.

Who is Rezūm water vapour therapy for?

If you have urinary symptoms, like urinating often and urgently, and medication and lifestyle changes aren’t helping, you might be a candidate for surgery.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends considering Rezūm if:

  • You’re over age 50
  • Your prostate is the right size – between 30 and 80 ml 

What are the benefits of Rezūm water vapour therapy?

Rezūm has some advantages over conventional procedures:

  • It’s a minimally invasive procedure with a faster recovery time than procedures like TURP
  • You can go home on the same day
  • It can be done under general or local anaesthetic 
  • It can preserve your sexual function (ejaculations and erections)
  • Side effects are usually mild and temporary
  • The retreatment rates are relatively low – less than 1 in 10 people need treatment again within five years1
  • It’s less likely to cause side effects than TURP

“I didn’t want to be dependent on tablets for the rest of my life or have any major effects on sexual function at the age of 51. For me, Rezūm was definitely the right choice; it was a complete solution and one I would highly recommend.”

– Patient treated with water vapour therapy

How does Rezūm water vapour therapy compare to other treatments?

Compared to other treatments, Rezūm is at the minimally intensive end of the spectrum. The biggest difference is that it doesn’t remove large amounts of prostate tissue. This helps lower the risk of excessive bleeding, scarring and other complications. 

Bear in mind, results take a little longer compared to other procedures. It takes time for the prostate to shrink – it could be anywhere from three weeks to three months before you notice an improvement in your symptoms. 

Why choose Birmingham Prostate Clinic?

We are a leading group of urological experts with a seamless patient pathway for personalised prostate treatments. 

New techniques like Rezūm aren’t always routinely available, and so our consultants are proud to help patients across the Midlands access this innovative treatment.

What to expect if you’re having Rezūm water vapour therapy

Before you’re procedure you’ll have a full check-up where you’ll have your heart, blood pressure, blood and urine tests to make sure you’re suitable for Rezum. You’ll also be asked about any medications you’re taking.


  • On the day a nurse will check your vitals and help you get ready
  • Next, your surgeon and anaesthetist will visit you. You’ll usually have a general anaesthetic, which means you’ll be asleep for the procedure, but sometimes local anaesthetic is an option too


  • A surgeon will gently insert a small device into your urethra. It’s fitted with a small camera so they can see what they’re doing
  • The surgeon will inject five to seven blasts of steam into your prostate. The whole procedure takes around 20 to 25 minutes 


  • You’ll wake up on the ward with a catheter in place to help you urinate – a nurse will show you how to look after it
  • You’ll be given antibiotics to take for the next five days to prevent infection
  • We’ll let you know when you can go home – be sure to arrange transport if you’re having a general anaesthetic
  • You can also opt to stay at the hospital until your catheter is removed

Recovering at home

  • After 24 – 48 hours, you should be able to drive again if you feel well enough
  • After around a week, your catheter will be removed and you can return to normal activities, including exercise
  • After around a month, your doctor may approve you stopping your medication for enlarged prostate
  • We recommend avoiding ejaculation for six to eight weeks as it can cause bleeding
  • You may need to urinate more often or urgently for a few weeks after the operation. This should settle down within six weeks

Any pain or discomfort should be mild and manageable with paracetamol. It’s normal to notice blood or tiny pieces of prostate tissue in your urine for the first few weeks.

What are the risks of Rezūm water therapy?

Every procedure has risks, including Rezūm.
You might have:

  • Blood in the urine or semen
  • Urinary tract infections 
  • Discomfort during urination

These are usually mild and temporary. Incontinence is rare, but the procedure can cause abnormal ejaculation in about 5% of cases.

Our advanced nurses also offer world-class care throughout your recovery – you can contact them whenever you have any worries or questions. 

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